26 thoughts on “Wanna say Hi? :)

  1. Thank you for your all hardworking for translating Adorable Demon and Cool Dandy Exorcist ❤🙏 I’m really grateful 😊

    It’s make me so happy when I know someone translating this project because I have been stalking to the mangaka twitter and pixiv but I can’t read japanese~ as you can see I’m into ossan x young girl story that is why this manga take my attention a lot hehe//yeahmostofmyfriendsaythiskindofstoryistabooandweirdbutIcan’tstop

    That’s it 😊 thank you again~ and don’t you dare to leave this project or I’ll haunt you forever~ 👻

    p.s.: Sorry for bad english 🙏 english not my usual language but I come here because I want to say hi to all of you 😊🙏✨


  2. Ninja

    Yo what’s up naabii 😺 thank you so much for all your hard work I truly appreciate you doing this for us readers ❤️ and like most ppl I’m also here because of the small message at the end 🐼lol keep doing a fantastic job but please don’t overwork yourself 🙏


  3. Frasquiansaja

    Hello there, I stumbled across your comment on mangadex and decided to come in and say hi. I adore your handy work, your work is of the excellent quality, I rarely found someone work as good as you(well some do exist out there beside of you of course but you are still one of the best out there). Thanks for doing this mate, from all of us readers.

    Well what do they say, a work of heart is a work of feast, keep doing your wonderful work and don’t give up on anyone trying to discourage you, I will give you all my support and you have all the support from us readers.

    Once again thanks.



    I just started reading the Exorcist and Devil-chan. And the story is so cute!! thank you for taking the time to translate the manga and everything else in the process of doing it


  5. Ciel b

    Hi! I’ve come to thank you for translating Demon-Chan and Exorcist-San! The manga it’s so good! I really love their history! Love from Brasil! ❤


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