Help and Support

Short version :

Do you want to help get chapter out faster?
Do you have experience in the Scanlation scene?
Well perfect! We need all the help we can get! Cleaner/Redrawer, Translator, Typesetter, Proofreader, Quality Checker ALL OF THEM!
please contact me on discord Greenwood#7928 or comment below!

Do you want to support us? hop in and donate us some coffee at
1 coffee equal 1 chapter of Demon-chan (details below)
Right now we have secure up to chapter 27!
(out of  34) and There is no problem with Shogi senpai’s and Kunoichi’s raws since they are easy to find.


Long version :


Do you love Exorcist and Demon-chan? well, I do!

I’m planning on keep doing it until it ends, but here is a thing, I got my raw from Kindle, It’s cheaper that way, I wish I could buy the physical manga but the delivery cost will be over the roof! That means I don’t have any new chapter after vol. 1 (has up to ch 13). Well, I have up to ch21 Ch 27 out of 34 now 🙂

I feel stupid writing this paragraph, please don’t read. I know there is raw at comic-walker and comic-pixiv but they are too low-res for my standard and not worth the redraw. The solution is I just have wait for Vol. 2 right? I don’t really mind buying vol. 2 when it’s out (just around $6). but, Its gonna take a really long time between ch 13 and 14. And while waiting for vol. 2 I don’t want anyone assuming that I’ve drop Exorcist and Demon-chan and some other group taking it using the low quality raw from comic-walker or comic-pixiv, Demon-chan deserves better than that. There is another alternative.

Did you know that Exorcist and Demon-chan are serialized on Dengeki Daioh Magazine? It’s a monthly magazine each magazine contains two chapters of Exorcist and Demon-chan. Each issue (Kindle) cost about ¥600 (around $6) assuming vol. 2 will have 13 chapters I’ll have to pay about $38 If I don’t want to wait for vol. 2.

But I guess I’ll wait for each volume release unless I got a high-quality raw (either actual scans or Kindle) provider or somebody gives me the money to buy each issue of the magazine.    Well that just happen, At least we got Ch14 and 15 covered, even better, It’s the actual scan raw! Thanks to my friend Dory ^^ . but Dory couldn’t find any copy of 16 and 17. so there is no promise for that 16 and 17 :p  Oh boy, did heaven just send an Angle to me, I’ve received a donation enough to cover up to chapter 21 27. Thank you!

Since I never thought anybody would send me actual money, I never set up a donation page, so here you go!
one ko-fi is equal to one chapter, I’ll only use the money I receive for scanlation purpose only (mostly buying raws)

For help, I don’t think I need any atm, I can handle the cleaning, redraw and typesetting on my own. I got help from the amazing Scrollsaw for high-quality translation and Qc.
Scrollsaw gets too busy recently and had to drop Demon-chan after vol. 1 is done. So I’m in dire need for a new translator and Qc’er in order to keep demon-chan running. 
New member has joined in, Bless you guys 🙂

If anyone wants to help or support Exorcist and Demon-chan, just contact me.

Thanks for reading this long ass wall of text 🙂

5 thoughts on “Help and Support

  1. Timothy Brown

    I noted you were looking for an experienced proofreader for Kumichou Musume to Segakari. I’ve proofread a variety of mangas for two scanlation groups. I also have further experience in proofing many doctoral and masters theses, conference papers, term papers, and grant proposals, as well as editing one each of a novel and a non-fiction book and edited two professional newsletters. I love and appreciate mangas and graphic novels. I enjoy the art and story of your shogi manga and have recently discovered the illustrations, storyline, and humor of Kumichou…Segakan.


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